Messiah – Fracmont

It’s always a pleasure and very gratifying to have two bands of the same grip in the role. It proofs the genre is alive and well, and for the record, in this case, that is evolving fast. Fun fact is that I was complaining in the last review that the kind of harsh and thick vocals were disappearing it comes again here with Messiah “Fracmont” – by the way, about a month ago we reviewed their EP.

Well, needless to tell the band’s story again because we already did it last review. Messiah are veterans and they show again that old dogs sure learn new tricks. “Fracmont” ten-track is a living proof of that. The album goes beyond the crystalized features of old school Heavy Metal with the adding of some other features. I mean, in fact, Messiah are a band that are bordering old school Heavy Metal and Extreme Metal due to the simple reason that they are before Extreme Metal. “Fracmont” is hard from head to toe and shows the fans the origins of what is known today as Extreme Metal.

The album starts burning hot with the instrumental “Sacrosanctus Primitivus” which bridges to the spanking and breathtaking title track “Fracmont” and the earthshaking Judas Priest’s Scott Travis’ drumming. Wanna hear a genuine nine-minute drummimg spanking? Go for it. Following track  “Morte Al Dente” adds a little mooding guitar riffing and melodic guitar riffs to the mix showing that a song doesn’t have to be exactly fast to be heavy and strong. A big hail to the strong and thick voice of vocalist Andy Kaina. The man makes the album much more tasteful and interesting with his Lemmy Kilmisterish voice. As a matter of fact, following track “Urbi Et Orbi” also begins moody, but soon it changes the pace to a some kind of speed of the light mooding. The track bounces back the two moments until the end. It is a true breaking-neck thing as all the album.

A constant thing throughout the album is the use of religious inspired excerpts or parts. Almost all tracks make use of this strategy which from where I’m standing works pretty well. “Throne of Diabolic Heretics” is the most outstanding.

“Fracmont” is a great album for the fans of both Extreme Metal and Old School Heavy Metal fans. It’s rare piece.

Messiah “Fracmont” will be released on September 11th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sacrosanctus Primitivus
  2. Fracmont
  3. Morte Al Dente
  4. Urbi Et Orbi
  5. Singularity
  6. Children of Faith
  7. Dein Wille geschehe
  8. Miracle far Beyond Disaster
  9. My Flesh – Your Soul
  10. Throne Of Diabolic Heretics