Metal Challenge: Brazilian Vocalists Unite In Video

During the quarantine the so-called #Challenge went viral. In Brazil, symphonic metal band, Lyria, was inspired by the Don’t Rush Challenge, in which women go from natural to “going out” look, which had versions all over the world. The so-called Make-up Challenge, brings together several Brazilian metal vocalists to participate in the challenge, which includes Aline Happ (Lyria), Desireé Rezende (Fenrir’s Scar), Andressa Lé (Anfear), Monica Possel (Hamen), Vivs Takahashi (FlowerLeaf ), Jessica Sirius (Aetherea), Naimi Stephanie (BrightStorm) and Grazy Mesquita (Lasting Maze).

“Over the years, we realized that many do not know what Metal is, associating style with noise or something negative. So one of our goals has always been to bring rock and metal to as many people as possible. Through this video, we want to arouse public curiosity and show the strength and style of women in brazilian symphonic metal”, defines Aline Happ.

The challenge was thought of as a way to show the union of women in Brazilian metal, even in times of pandemic. The idea is that the video also helps to promote the various bands that have front-women in Brazil.

Lyria have always liked to show bands from the scene, whether through festivals (Lyria Fest) or the choice of opening bands for our shows. Maybe with this video we will discover other talents and more people will appear to participate in an upcoming fun video?”, concludes Aline.

Watch the make-up video here: