METAL CHURCH’s MIKE HOWE on Not Having a Meet&Greet Policy: ‘I’m the One That Is Lucky to Meet Them’

Metal Church 2018

These days are getting tougher and tougher for musicians to make a living on their music and some bands decided to make some extra money to embrace the Mett&Greet policy where fans are charged to be with their idols. Metal Church‘s Mike Howe, though, has a different opinion on this matter. Read it here:

“We are just old school. Back in the day there wasn’t any kind of… why would you have to pay to meet the band? The band’s out here, shake hands and say hi. I’m showing my gratitude, and the band is showing their gratitude to our fans for keeping us alive this thirty some years later- that it’s the least that we can do. We are a band on the road, we are killing time for most of the day. Our job is playing music, and what do you do after the show? I have plenty of time after the show before we get on the bus and go to the next city. Why wouldn’t I want to go out and meet and thank all the fans as I can. I stay out there as long as they want me to – I’m the lucky one. I’m the one that is lucky to meet them.

I understand that other bands have the model that pay to meet them because of the difficulties of the music business to make money nowadays. They are trying many different marketing strategies to keep themselves alive. I don’t hold it against any other band that wants to do that, but it’s difficult for me to swallow that.”