Metal Fan Receives Religious Note In CD Delivery


A metal fan recently ordered VENOM‘s Welcome To Hell and HIGH ON FIRE‘s Surrounded By Thieves from Amazon. They were startled with a note appearing to be from the religious organization in what appears to be a child’s hand writing.

Being a follower of Christ myself, and outnumbered greatly in the metal community, I understand why it is news. I’m sure who ever wrote/ sent the letter had very good intentions. I also love it that it is getting press. At the same time we were warned to be careful who we share the message with. Some people just don’t want to hear it. It’s fine to share our faith and I applaud the idea of that. Just, please don’t make us look like deranged zealots.

The person who received the CDs stated “Had a good chuckle at this message in my Amazon order of Welcome To Hell and HIGH ON FIRE Surrounded By Thieves. It reads: Find Jesus before it is too late.