METAL GOD ROB HALFORD On Being Openly Gay In A Heavy Metal Band ‘To Me, That Is A Victory’

Metal gods are another level. When you reach that level you get beyond good and evil, straight or gay, black or white. You know what? That is good. Better yet, this is great. We metalheads carry a very important flag: we are the rebellion of the rebellion, we are the proud pariahs, so we fight for the right and the right is to fight for the minorities because we are a minority ourselves. Don’t you ever forget that! People discriminate us for our hair, our music, our military boots, and other things.

That put, let’s comeback to the Metal god, Rob Halford and his interview for Twin Cities:

“Where do I start? I knew I was gay when I was 8 or 9. I’ve been through a lot. Stonewall in New York, many, many similar things in England. It’s been a f*cking slog.

“When I was a teen coming to terms with it, I thought when I was an old man, all of this will be forgotten, the color of your skin, your orientation, your religion. Boy, was I wrong…

“With the current administration, it doesn’t look particularly healthy right now. On the other side of it, [much has changed] so we can reach this level of equality.

“There is still a hell of a lot more to be done and it’s taking forever. Sometimes it’s like one step forward, two steps back. But these types of challenges only make us stronger, you know?

“When I walk out on stage, the last thing I think about is that I am a gay man in a heavy metal band. And to me, that is a victory. There’s something to be said about standing there and not saying a word. On the flip side of that, I make a hell of a lot of noise on that stage.

“When people realize they know gay people, it makes them confront their own intolerance and homophobic tendencies. They’re the ones who have to deal with it and face up to their prejudice. That is a win/win situation. We win every time.”