Metal-Themed Slot Games to Know in 2023

Metal Themed Slots

Online slots have taken over the iGaming industry. Like their land-based counterparts, online slots are the most popular game at many online casinos. And for a good reason. They are fun, engaging, and, most importantly, accessible. Entirely based on chance, slot games require absolutely no skill or competition. It is just the man and the machine, separated by a button.

What is interesting to note is that many online slots take their theme from a musical genre. Hip-hop and rock are incredibly common, and pop music slots are all the rage. However, most gamblers are drawn to metal-themed slots. Whether it be because there is a link between metal and gambling or because the high-tempo, balls-to-the-wall aggression of metal just goes well with the adrenaline rush that comes from gambling, we can’t say. We can say that some online casinos have a wide range of online slot games, and metal-themed ones seem to rise to the cream of the crop.

So, in this article, we would like to go over a few iconic metal-themed slots that fans of both gambling and music ought to be aware of in 2023.

The Motorhead Slot

Where would metal music be without the absolute assault of heaviness that is Motorhead? The band formed in the mid-to-late 70s and was spearheaded by bass guitarist/singer/metal legend Lemmy Kilmister. Motorhead completely changed the metal genre in a couple of years, introducing double bass drums and coarse vocals, which undoubtedly shaped the extreme genres and a laissez-faire attitude towards society’s perceived vices. Their most iconic song, Ace of Spades, is a hymn to gambling, so it shouldn’t be a shock that one of the most iconic metal-themed slots is a tribute to the band.

The Motorhead Slot is an absolute pleasure, with a gray, slick, dare-we-say metallic aesthetic. The symbols are all inspired by the band’s iconography. Most prominent is the band’s mascot, Snaggletooth, who represents the scatter symbol on the board. With the recent release of Motorhead’s “new” song, we are sure that many metalheads are hungry for more content. This slot might just be the perfect way to fill that void.

The Sabaton Slot

It is hard to say what the most popular modern metal band is. However, Sabaton would be a contender for that title. Heavy, fast, and technically-precise musicianship coupled with epic, historical lyrics have propelled Sabaton to superstardom status in the metal community. They are most well-known for their concept albums, taking historical events or figures and telling their stories in music form. So, unsurprisingly, the band’s popularity has spawned a slot adaptation.

True to the band’s aesthetic, the Play’n’Go has set the slot against a massive military arsenal. Guns, turrets, and tanks point toward the distance as the player spins the slot reel. Symbols range from the band’s members to swords, guns, and bombs, all of which accurately fit the band’s major aesthetic appeal. Naturally, as you spin the slot, the band’s music roars in the background, providing a truly “Sabaton” experience.

Heavy Metal Princess

While not necessarily inspired by any metal band, the Heavy Metal Princess slot takes heavy inspiration from heavy metal subculture and fantasy. Primarily inspired by the power metal sub-genre, Heavy Metal Princess takes place in a fantastical world where a warrior princess must face off against a great evil through the power of music. Armed with a massive guitar-sword and the heavy metal spirit, she sets out to destroy the great evil with the player’s help.

The 5×3-reel slot features 25 unique ways to win the bet. Though be warned, Heavy Metal Princess comes with a relatively low maximum payout. So, experienced or high-risk players ought to look elsewhere. However, the game will pull casual fans into its extensive lore and fun gameplay. So, if you are looking for a metal-themed slot, check out PlayPearls’ Heavy Metal Princess.

Guns N’ Roses

Finally, we get to NetEnt’s Guns N’Roses. While debates have raged about the band’s status as “metal,” Axl Rose’s and Slash’s influence on the genre cannot be denied. Broadly lumped together with hair metal, the stage presence and aggression that Guns N’Roses brought to the table certainly set them apart as their own thing. It was also these factors that propelled them to superstar status.

Unsurprisingly, the band’s popularity has led to a ton of merchandising. So, a slot game shouldn’t be a surprise. What might surprise you, though, is that the Guns N’ Roses slot is one of the best out there. The 5×3-reel offers 20 unique ways to win the bet and comes with aesthetically pleasing symbols like guns and roses. It captures what made the band great and is worth checking out for any fan of slots or Guns N’ Roses.

Final Thoughts

These four are only a few of the best slots with a metal theme. They each capture something that makes the bands or the genre fabulous and so beloved. So, if you are a fan of either, you won’t be disappointed by the mentioned games.