Metalheads also like to relax

The well-known youth subculture called “metalheads” still exists today, but not on the same scale as in the distant 70s. Then the country was embraced by a new, previously unfamiliar, denying lyricism, music. Heavy, loud, frenziedly expressive, as if something impure and ominous hovered in the air. Drummers thundered, guitars hummed, vocalists squealed.

Surely, everyone deep down today guesses that the crazy behavior of young guys at that time was controlled, not at all by Angelic creatures. When a person is filled with joyful inspiration, his soul “sings” and his mind “rubs his hands with satisfaction.” This peace can only be disturbed by harmoniously flowing music, the sounds of which are barely audible, mysterious. Relaxing music coming from the speakers during a moroccan massage session. Aroma massage centre, massage session in a massage parlour, beauty spa. Think it’s impossible for metalheads? It’s possible. Metal band soloists and their fans are just like us. They go shopping and play with their children.

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How soloists of metal bands relax

There is an opinion in the world that the metalheads never get tired and are always in a frantic rhythm. Yes, they really are in a frantic rhythm: eternal traveling, tours, flights, concerts, rehearsals. But they, unfortunately, are not omnipotent. They are just as tired as we are. And here is how the members of metal bands relax:

1. Regular massages

Don’t think that only very rich mens and ladies who like to talk about secular topics go to the spa center. Luxury massage sessions in the aroma massage center are also loved by metalheads. After all, after a long working week, or even two, even the most notorious fan and lover of metal sometimes wants to take a break from loud sounds. Or did you think they were sleeping with speakers at full volume?

2. Rest at nature

The principle is similar to the previous point, but also includes spending free time with family and friends. Nature, if you listen, is very loud, but such a loudness will relax anyone. And along with relaxation, a good time with your loved ones comes as a gift.

3. Meetings with friends

Meeting friends can’t always be noisy drinking parties. Meeting up with friends can be relaxing in the sense that you can tell your friends about everything that is on your mind and get good advice or support.

4. Shopping

Do you think that only ladies like to run around the shops and buy a bunch of things? Oh no, men love shopping too, but not in fashion boutiques, but, as in the case of metalheads, music stores. They can spend hours looking at guitars, synthesizers, etc. Therapeutic shopping is when you go with taste, choose with the arrangement, quickly pay, and then look at the house again.

5. Cleaning

Cleaning and clearing the mind are closely related. What order do you have in your apartment – such is in your head. Metalworkers’ managers can only help with organizational issues. But on the metalworkers themselves, such important issues as family, friends, bills, etc. Cleaning with your favorite music turned on when no one is at home is an excellent occasion to put in its place not only the things that are at home, but also the thoughts in your head.

Breaking legends

Writing a note
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Among modern people there is an opinion that most often people listening to rock music are poorly developed. From the point of view of scientists, the intellectual level of metalworkers is quite high.

When answering the question “what kind of music do you prefer to listen to relieve stress?”, many answered that heavy aggressive music helps them to splash out negative emotions, and not accumulate them in themselves.