Metalheads Have Become ‘A Lot More Conservative,’ FEAR FACTORY’s DINO CAZARES Says

Dino Cazares

During a recent appearance on “Laundry Audio,” FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares talked about how metalheads have changed throughout the years.

“A lot of metalheads are a lot more conservative, which I was really surprised — it’s changed into that,” Dino says. “You think I’d put a video out with a girl shaking her a—s and the metalhead community wouldn’t f*cking attack me? Of course. MASTODON did that a few years back — they put a video out like that [‘The Motherload‘], and people were just so mad about it.

“A lot of metalheads have gone conservative compared to what it was back in the ’80s and even parts of the ’90s… That’s just how it progressed. People are more aware of the #MeToo-type movement and racism and sexism and all that stuff, and people take all that into consideration now.

“Don’t get me wrong — as long as it’s all safe and not for reals… I mean, look at CANNIBAL CORPSE — they get away with songs like ‘F*cked With a Knife’ and ‘B*tchered at Birth,'” he continued. They can still get away with it ’cause it’s still considered somewhat fantasy, and I guess they’re kind of the grandfathers of that, so they’ve been grandfathered in.

“But nowadays you can’t say a lot of things on the internet because people are gonna attack you for it. And that’s where I see the conservativeness.”

FEAR FACTORY released their tenth studio album, Aggression Continuum, on June 18 via Nuclear Blast Records. You can check the album here.

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