Metalite – A Virtual World Review

Here’s another review that came already written. Metalite to me are a Facebook band. Ooops! Hold your horses! I don’t mean any disrepect. I’ll elaborate. I met Metalite by their postings at Facebook. That’s it only it. Of course, it sparked my attention to the band and I was expecting when I would have the chance to finally review them. And it came with this “A Virtual World.”

First of all, I find Metalite a very coherent band from the band name to the name of album “A Virtual World” and their musical intent. The mix of techno elements and Metal music is their intent and it gets very clear from the band name and the album name. However, so sorry, if I overreact a little, but I’m allowed to do it here to say what I truely feel. The comparison I’m going to make may sound a little far from it, but if my child of the night listens to the album with the close attention required he will agrees with me. In terms of music, Metalite are the Metal version, and modern, version of Abba. Nah, it’s not because both are swedes. No, it’s not it. Listen to the voice of vocalist Erica Ohlsson in “The Vampire Song.” Do you know any Abba song? If don’t, go to YouTube right now and pick one. Any one. Done? Ok, then. Impress me and tell me I’m flat wrong. The resemblances get more clear in the chorus that doubles her voice and adds other female voices.

All right, second of all. This mix with techno and electronic music is bold. I must say that. The problem is when the band pushes it a little as Metalite do in some songs as “We’re Like the Fire” where the techno covers the Metal. To me it’s okay when it’s the opposite. And I really like it when it happens. I told that a lot here. “A Virtual World” kind of balances the mix alternating tracks with more techno and tracks with more Metal. I’d prefer to bounce them in the tracks. But it’s only my opinion. With it and 10 bucks it’s possible to buy a CD.

Third of all, if memory serves me right, early Nightwish used to make this kind of mix. I remember to get in love with a song of them which I wasn’t able to idfentify for a long time. Nor the band, not even the name of the song. The name of the song? Right now? Hum, I’ll have to check…

Forth of all, my child of the night knows that I don’t slam bands. I’m not slamming the band. It’s just my fair opinion. The thing is that after reading so many reviews telling great things about the band I expected greater. I expected bolder. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. Just the way it is.

Fifth of on – just to keep counting on. Sorry…

Metalite “A Virtual World” will be released on March 26th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Virtual World
  2. Cloud Connected
  3. Talisman
  4. Beyond the Horizon
  5. Peacekeepers
  6. The Vampire Song
  7. We´re Like the Fire
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Alone
  10. Running
  11. Synchronized

Watch “Cloud Connected” official music video here: