Metalliance – Volume 1

 It’s been a while since I listened to a compilation album for any reason. Sometimes they don’t work out and it seems like the people who made the compilation closed their f**king eyes and picks songs out of a damn hat like idiots. But others are actually a carefully hand chosen set of songs that all share some sort of relation with each other. They flow with the next song, and set up the perfect mood from the preceding song while also preparing you for whatever the next track has in store. Then again I hope that line at the top of that cover would hopefully mean something for this compilation, and luckily it did. The main idea of this volume is simple: heavy metal. No specific genre of metal I believe, maybe progressive metal, but that’s besides the point. All 10 bands and their songs off of this compilation are done in such a way that you can tell that the people who made this compilation knew what they were doing and knew exactly how to f**king do it. Each track prepares you for the next and each of them have their own personal strengths whether it be the vocals, the guitars and drums, or the raw feel of the song itself. The first Metalliance compilation is a good one that combines the best of some very unknown bands out there into one track listing that shows off their best strengths to the maximum and it should be heard by any real metal fan who wants to hear the best of some unknowns. Worth it.

You can purchase the compilation here.


Track Listing:

  1. Watchtower – The Size of Matter
  2. Seventh Sin – Sign of the Wolf
  3. Godslave – Vodcarnivore
  4. Killers – Histoire D’un Homme
  5. Terrafyght – Lost Pride
  6. Memento Waltz – Complex Delirium
  7. Dark Suns – Something in the Way
  8. Level Fields – Remarquezable
  9. Mechanical Organic – I See Black
  10. Wardog – Clouds of Magellan