METALLICA Cover Garbage’s “Stupid Girl”

Metallica did it again! It seems that “Lulu” wasn’t enough to ruin the rest of their integrity and in one more diligent effort to loose the rest of their hardcore true fans, Metallica kicked off the North American leg of their “WorldWired” tour on Sunday (September 2nd) in Madison, Wisconsin and included a cover of Garbage’s “Stupid Girl” in the show.

For reasons no one knows, the cover appeared to pay tribute to the fact Garbage formed in Madison in 1993. After hearing about the performance, Garbage tweeted: “f**king love @Metallica”.

Not to mention that, on their European tour, in one more attempt to become a cover band, Metallica also played Abba’s “Dancing Queen” and A-ha’s “Take On Me.”

You may call me Metal elitist, intolerant, or even radical, but enough is enough. The guys can play whatever they want, but not under the name Metallica. Please, leave the name Metallica behind – or hire it to other band – and pick another name to play whatever cover you want.

Here’s the proof – if you have the stomach:

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