METALLICA Launches Line Of Skis



Metallica have checked in with the following announcement:

“It’s no secret that 3/4 of the band enjoy our snow sports (Kirk is sticking to the water for now!) so we’re excited to announce that we have hooked up with Armada to create a line of Metallica skis for you to cruise around the mountains on.

Available to dealers now and at retail in September of this year, the Armada x Metallica collaboration consists of two skis, the Invictus 95Ti all mountain ski and the JJ 2.0 powder ski. There will also be a Hans windbreaker jacket and Decker Gloves, all with Metallica Master of Puppets based artwork created by Armada’s graphics team with creative input from us.

Skis are available to pre-order in the Met Store now, jackets and gloves will hit stores and online in September.

For more information on Armada Skis, please visit”