METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD Warns Fans Of Fake Accounts On Social Media

James Hetfield

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield has issued a warning to his fans about the existence of fraudulent accounts bearing his name. In an effort to protect them, he emphasized not engaging in any form of communication with these individuals. Today, the 59-year-old musician made it clear that anyone following such fake accounts should cease doing so immediately for their own good.

“There are people online that have assumed my identity, spreading misinformation, and have caused damage to other people,” Hetfield wrote in a statement. There are imposters and predators out there. This is out of my control, but it is in your control who you choose to connect with. Please be careful on socials and vet people before getting in contact with them.

“To be clear…I am not on any social media forms, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The only connection I have with social media is through the official METALLICA website and official METALLICA socials.

“If you are following or communicating with someone who you think is or is portraying themselves as me… it is not me.

“I hope this helps those who have been or are getting deceived and are ashamed to talk about it.

“With love and respect, James ‘Papa Het’ Hetfield“.

On November 28, as METALLICA announced their much-awaited new album and released the first single “Lux Aeterna,” various scams immediately popped up on YouTube. The new record, titled 72 Seasons, is expected to come out on April 14 2023.

As some Reddit users have noticed, there are live streams on video-sharing platforms that appear to show METALLICA sharing their new album before it officially comes out.

One should pay attention to a low number of subscribers on the channel. Some of these videos appear as suggestions on YouTube’s main page, as well as in search results.