METALLICA’s KIRK HAMMETT Performs On Giant Wah Pedal (Photo)

Kirk Hammett 2020 Interview

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett recently shared a photo that shows him performing on top of a giant wah pedal.

“Look over there!!” Kirk captioned the pic (see below). That’s because it shows the guitarist gesturing with his hand, stylishly pointing off-camera as a comically large yet instantly recognizable replica of a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal supports his weight.

Hammett has developed a bit of a reputation for his liberal use of wah, and it seems he’s leaning into that now. Reddit has spotted Hammett’s giant wah onstage before, so it looks like this is somewhat of a regular gag for him.

Kirk Hammett has recently announced Portals, a four-song instrumental EP, and will be celebrating Record Store Day with its worldwide release exclusively at your favorite local independent retailer and in the Met Store on Saturday, April 23.

Available across digital platforms, on CD, and as an ocean blue vinyl EP (including a download card), you’ll be able to pick up a copy at your friendly local record store that day or place an order on to be delivered to your front door just as soon as the postman can get there.

True to its title, Portals is a collection of gateways to musical and psychic destinations. Recorded around the world, from Los Angeles to Paris to Oahu, Portals is the result of Kirk‘s life’s journeys and an invitation to tap into your own inner world. Heavily influenced by classical music, soundtracks, horror movies, and maybe a little Ennio MorriconeKirk wanted the EP to span the decades and touch upon all the horror he loves. The idea behind the EP was to have all the songs flow into each other, so he relied on a whole cast of his friends to record the four songs.