METALLICA’s LARS ULRICH Remembers 1989’s Grammy’s Defeat To JETHRO TULL

It’s been thirty years that Metallica, and of course, Metal had their most infamous defeat. Metallica were at their best and had just released “…And Justice for All” which is one of the band’s classics, and a staple album to Metal itself. But changes were that Jethro Tull won the Hard Rock/Metal Category. Jethro Tull are undoubtdely a great band, but Metal? No, not a chance. The burning question is had Grammy’s proved to be totally ignorant about music or was it on purpose to wrench Metal’s image? Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

Then, year after year, the Grammy’s has been making other poor judgement choices regarding to Metal. In fact, it’s been showing throughout the years a huge desdain for anything related to Metal music. It’s not worth reminding here all the controversy Metal and Grammy’s had in the past. Let time rolls.

Lars posted a note on Instagram about the event saying that “first time we were Grammy losers.” Read the post here:

Watch 1989’s Grammy’s footage here: