METALLICA’s Merch Company Sues To Halt The Distribution Of Bootleg T-Shirts At Band’s Shows

Metallica 72 Season Photo Session

METALLICA‘s official merchandise company, Merch Traffic, has taken legal action to halt the sale of counterfeit merchandise at the band’s concerts. This lawsuit was filed in a federal court in St. Louis, aiming to prevent the sale of bootleg T-shirts and unauthorized items during their “M72 World Tour.” The company alleges that these counterfeit items infringe on their trademark, causing potential confusion among fans.

Merch Traffic claims that “The infringing merchandise is of the same general appearance as plaintiff’s merchandise and is likely to cause confusion among prospective purchasers. Further, the infringing merchandise sold and to be sold by defendants is generally of inferior quality.”

“Upon information and belief, (bootleggers) will continue to engage in such infringing activities in this state and elsewhere … and are likely to continue such activities throughout the tour, to the great injury of plaintiff and (METALLICA).”

In the past, Merch Traffic has implemented similar tactics in other states like New York, Texas, and New Jersey, seeking judicial approval for federal agents to seize and destroy any unauthorized merchandise found.

This isn’t METALLICA‘s first time at the legal rodeo either, having previously sued Napster for copyright infringement in 2000. As they continue their tour into 2024, the band and Merch Traffic remain vigilant against the sale of counterfeit merchandise.

METALLICA is set to conclude their 2023 “no-repeat” weekends with performances in St. Louis on November 3rd and 5th and in Detroit on November 10th and 12th. Looking ahead, the band is preparing for further legs of the “M72 World Tour” in 2024, which includes an additional North American segment of concerts.