Robert Trujillo discussed his role on Metallica’s latest album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct,” telling KFMX(transcribed by UG):

This album is different from [2008’s] ‘Death Magnetic.’ ‘Death Magnetic‘ was really a collaborative album; this album kinda stemmed from James’ riffs. We had so many riffs, they all sounded great and we just ran with it; so this is an accumulation of James’ riffs. My job is to offer whatever I can in this band. Sometimes it’s song ideas like on ‘Death Magnetic,’ a lot of my ideas there. This time around, it was mostly Hetfield, but I support that – I’m like Joe Walsh in Eagles, like, ‘Anything to help the Eagles!’ [Chuckles] Yes, I’m a songwriter, but when I’m here with Lars, James and Kirk, I’m here to support whatever we need to do.

He continues: “In my first couple of years [he joined the band in 2003], I was not in a creative space ’cause I had my first child and I was still learning the catalog. I was not in a headspace to write, but what I ended up was supporting Kirk’s ideas for ’cause Kirk had a CD with like 300 ideas.

Robert Trujillo has paid tribute to Chris Cornell, calling him “one of the ultimate voices in rock music.

The SOUNDGARDEN singer was pronounced dead on May 18 after being found unresponsive in his Detroit hotel room the previous night. SOUNDGARDEN had played a show earlier that evening.

Trujillo stated about Cornell‘s passing: “I was really surprised by the loss of Chris Cornell, one of the ultimate voices in rock music, hands down. It’s sad because with Chris… I didn’t know him very well — I knew him, but I didn’t hang out with him — but when I did see him or talk to him, he was always very reserved. And one thing about people, especially creative people, that can be reserved, you never know what’s going on inside. And I guess that’s why, for me, I always try to generally get a… if I’m working with them, to get a connection and see if I can help, because you never know what’s going on, man. And that situation is very, very unfortunate, especially when you have kids and a family. So it’s tough, it’s sad, and, obviously, there was some really intense stuff going on inside of him.

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