Metamorpher – Becoming

To review or not to review EPs. That’s the question. An EP with three or four songs takes very little time to review. It’s the so-called easy listening. On the other hand, three or four songs are a small sample of what a band has to offer. It gets harder if they are newcomers because you have no information about them. But some bands are so good that make it possible to write about them. That’s the case of Metamorpher with “Becoming” an EP with three songs, but that are very good samples of a great progressive Metal band.

The EP kicks off with “Like  a Mantis” which tells us a lot about the band. Metamorpher combines those modern Metal electronic effects with strong guitars and a harsh, but also strong vocal. “Like  a Mantis” is also full of interesting guitar licks that replace guitar solos. Well, it’s an interesting strategy because some modern bands are avoiding guitar solos. I really don’t get why, but even though… I guess that in a progressive Metal band, guitar solos are the thing we miss. But as I said, the guitar licks are very interesting. Second track, “Limbic,” has some interesting choruses which stick in your ears. Harsher vocals with catchy vocal harmonies. Metamorpher are a band that were able to merge all those modern Metal influences into their music. And then comes third track “House in the Fields” with a metallic bass line which fills in the music with an 1980s vibe and leave the guitars free to also leave the same 1980ish feeling. Vocals are more melodic and intimist. Very good sample of a great voice. Ah, there’s a guitar solo which by the way bursts into our ears with a marvelous effect and guitar phrases.

Bottomline, “Becoming” was a great sample of  Metamorpher abilities. Let’s hope to have some more.

Track Listing:

  1. Like a Mantis
  2. Limbic
  3. House in the Fields

Watch “House in the Fields” official video here: