Mexico’s CERBERUS Debuts This Summer’s Most Epic Heavy Metal Party Anthem, ‘Tekilla’


Mexico’s most buzzworthy metal band to come along in years, CERBERUS, will release their new album, FIRE!, tomorrow! Ahead of the record’s debut, the band has premiered a music video for the most epic heavy metal party anthem of the year, “Tekilla.” Watch the madness unfold below.

Commenting on the new single, vocalist/guitarist Paul Wrath says, “This song is a completely different approach to anything we have done or heard so far, we wanted to incorporate our Mexican roots but not in the style that most Mexican bands are doing it, so we decided to make a party anthem!

“Our country is famous for its parties, people from all around the world come here to have fun and drink Tequila while listening to Mariachi music! so we wanted to show the world how we see it and how we feel about it in a Heavy Metal way. Tequila is the best medicine for a broken heart, makes the pain go away, that’s why we spelled it Te-KILL-a because it kills the pain, the grief, helps you have some fun on difficult times, its miraculous!… until the next morning! Haha.”

With unrelenting force and pure dedication to their craft, CERBERUS has created a record that was made to melt faces as heard on their debut single “The Ending.” That’s just a taste though, as the band spares no one over the course of the record’s 12 high-octane tracks that only briefly slow down for anthemic ballads like “Last Dance.

“This album means a lot to us, our original drummer got back in the band but at the same time our rhythm guitar player quit, so we had mixed feelings throughout the recording, still we’re super proud the way it came out, we had the opportunity to work with people we’ve always admired so much! So that was definitely a dream came true. We knew we needed the best team for working on the best music we’ve done so far, so we knew we needed to be the best performers we could as well, so we put 110% in every aspect of the recording of this album for it to be the best we could deliver.” – Paul Wrath on the creation of FIRE!

FIRE! was recorded at Twilight Sound Studios by Paul Wrath, Akashsa Sound Laby in Mexico City by Güido Laris and El Cielo Recording Studio in Monterrey by Jim Monti (Metallica, Korn, Slipknot). The record was mixed by 5 time Grammy Award winning producer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Halestorm, In Flames) and mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen (Pantera, Deftones, Slipknot).

Formed by Paul Wrath at the age of 15, CERBERUS found their footing in 2014 with the release of their critically acclaimed album Otura Ka, that received rave reviews from publications like Rolling Stone (Mexico). Over the next few years the band quickly became one of Mexico’s biggest metal acts with several singles and shows with the likes of Metallica, HIM, Steel Panther and KnotFest Mexico among others. Now armed with their most explosive record to date, there’s no stopping them.

FIRE! track listing:

  1. The Ending
  2. Off Limits
  3. Lust For Blood
  4. Jaeger
  5. Self Made Hell
  6. Last Dance
  7. Saint Pride
  8. I’m Fire
  9. Huntress
  10. Rise with the Fallen Ones
  11. Tekilla
  12. Forever
  13. STFU! (Bonus Track)
  14. Tekilla (Spanish Version – Bonus Track)
Cerberus Fire!