Midnight Prey – Uncertain Times

There are some certainties in Metal that have to be told aloud and clear for all fans to know. First of all, Metal is a guitar oriented genre of music. There are no doubts about that. I can’t see how one can deny a truth like this. But, I said but, there are few important moments when this truth has been subverted. I’ll tell only the two most famous and well-known. The first is Iron Maiden a band whose bassist is the lead player besides the lead composer. In short, Steve Harris is the most important guy of the band. To say the very least. Thumbs up. The second is Motörhead. Besides being the legend we all know and praise, Lemmy Kilmister is a hell of resourceful bassist. The bass for Motörhead is much more important than to Iron Maiden. Motörhead’s songs are built upon the bass lines and they count on its unique sonance for riffing, speeding, and metaling. Hard to deny it too. I could go on and on, but I’d rather go to the second thing.

Second of all, Metal is the most underrated, unloved, misunderstood, critized, slammed musical genre ever. Another undoubtful truth and Metal has been paying hell because of it during the last fifty years. It’s a hard and painful subject to be on, but that’s what takes a band like Midnight Prey be labeled as rock. I’ll elaborate it. It’s a fact that “Uncertain Times” has an edgy sonance, I can’t deny it. Having the bass as the lead, it took a lot of the punch and heavyness of it. However, it gave it a unique sonance. However, paying closer attention to the guitar riffing what we listen are riffs designed to and by Metal. Undeniable too. All seven tracks are full of those riffs from the first “Stoff” to the last “The Fall (Into The Atmosphere)” which has even the galloping guitars so dear to bands as Iron Maiden and others. As I always say, the name Midnight Prey is also very Metal than rock. Hard to desagree. I could go on and on.

“Uncertain Times” are an album that I enjoyed so much. Midnight Prey built so many delightful passages that it is hard to address them all. It is also full of a melancholy that catches the eyes. Winston Ziller’s gothic voice does the trick. Maybe that’s because some may confuse and label Midnight Prey as rock. Okay, we forgive them.

I could go on and on…

Midnight Prey “Uncertain Times” will be released on November 08th via Dying Victims Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Stoff
  2. Black Forest
  3. The Tower
  4. Wenn es von vorn beginnt
  5. We Lose
  6. Uncertain Times
  7. The Fall (Into The Atmosphere)

Watch “Uncertain Times” official lyric video here:

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