MIDNIGHT STEAMER Go on a Shakedown Cruise

Midnight Steamer were founded by Chris Danner and Thilo Ramsenthaler in October 2016. The first lineup included Tony on drums and Nico on bass and vocals. This lineup recorded the first 7“ record called “Warfare” in 2018. Soon after the band shared stages with bands like the Vintage Caravan from Island, the Flying Eyes from the USA or Honeymoon Disease from Sweden. In 2020 some lineup changes occurred and Maria Weigert on lead vocals, Oli Bayer on drums and Max Wengert on bass guitar joined the band.

The new lineup immediately recorded the band’s first full-length album ‘Shakedown Cruise’ at Simon Froschauer’s Roony Road Studio. The record was produced by guitar player Chris and mastered by Patrick W. Engel (Temple of Disharmony).

In January 2022 the album’s first single ´The Rise and Fall of Roky´ was released, followed by the long player in the end of February 2022 via Cargo/No Redemption Records on LP, CD and on digital platforms.  A Northern Germany tour was played shortly before the 4th wave cultural corona lockdown in Winter 21/22. Shows, a Tour and Festivals are currently being planned.

Band Line-Up:
Maria Weigert: Lead Vocals
Chris Danner: Guitar and Vocals
Thilo Ramsentaler: Guitar
Max Wengert: Bass
Oli Bayer: Drums

CD Track Listing:
1. Shakedown Cruise & Demon
2. The Rise and Fall of Roky
3. True Mothers Boy
4. Beat of Boredom
5. Tokyo Rose
6. What’s wrong with this Town
7. Valley of Circles
8. Alphamale

‘Warfare’ 7” 2018
‘Shakedown Cruise’ Album 2022

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