MIKE PORNOY On Rumors That He Would Be Joining RUSH: ‘I Would Never Wanna Do Anything Without NEIL PEART’s Blessing’

Drummer Mike Portnoy talked to Eric Blair about the rumours that he would be joining Rush.  Check it out:

“Not recently. I had a brief e-mail exchange with Alex, I think when Neil announced his retirement.

“The reality is – look, those guys are my heroes and Neil as well, obviously. I would do it in a heartbeat if hypothetically it was ever asked.

“But I don’t think in a million years it would ever happen without all three of them. And I love and respect and honor Neil so much, I would never wanna do anything without his blessing.

“But that being said, in a hypothetical world, if the call ever came, yeah, it would be a dream gig for me. Of course.”

“Hey, I know the tunes. I’ve been playing ’em my whole life. In fact, I just did a really cool Rush tribute. It’s a steel drum tribute, with a pan drum orchestra of 50 different steel drummers and myself on drums and guitar and bass.

“We recorded a bunch of Rush songs, but with this 50-piece steel drum orchestra. It was really cool. That’s gonna be coming out in the next couple of months.”