MIKE PORTNOY Praises Young Band: This Is the Most Brutal Thing Since SLAYER’s ‘Reign in Blood’!

Mike Portnoy recently took on Twitter to share his love for Boston’s metalcore band VEIN, praising their recent full-length debut album “Errorzone” as  “the most intense, brutal 28 minutes” since SLAYER‘s 1986 classic “Reign in Blood.”

He said: “This album is completely owning me these days! The most intense, brutal 28 minutes since ‘Reign in Blood’… fuxking A! Thanks to [my son] Max Portnoy for turning me onto this insane album and band VEIN.”

VEIN were founded in 2013, featuring Anthony DiDio on vocals, guitarists Jeremy Martin and Josh Butts, Jon Lhaubouet on bass, and Matt Wood on drums. You can check out “Errorzone” below.