MIKE PORTNOY Slams GAME OF THRONES Fans Who Doesn’t Like Series Finale

Mike Portnoy

Former DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy shared a quite long post on his Facebook page slamming people who didn’t like Game of Thrones finale and giving it “1” rating on IMDB.

He wrote: “I wasn’t gonna comment on the GOT finale as I thought my appreciation post yesterday before the show aired said everything I could want to say….but all the online hoopla and complaining has me so perplexed I felt the need to say something.

I understand NO MATTER WHAT they did, they could never have possibly satisfied EVERYONE…that’s impossible as this is one of the most beloved TV shows of all time, so with so many devoted fans, there’s absolutely no way they could’ve satisfied everybody’s expectations.

“(It was the same with the finales for The Sopranos, Lost or any Star Wars film for that matter)

“But seeing the User Reviews of this episode on IMDB is sickening and so incredibly disrespectful…it’s almost as if they all made a pact to all unanimously and blindly give it a “1” rating to drive the episode’s rating down before it even aired! And the “reviews” are ridiculous!!

Like a bunch of spoiled children not getting what they wanted for Christmas…wah wah wah. ? OK, maybe the ending wasn’t to your personal liking….but IT’S NOT *YOUR* SHOW!!!!”

Drummer continued:

“Was Season 8 my favorite? No…
I admit it had its flaws…
Yes, the rise and fall of Dany as the Mad Queen was way too fast…
Yes, the fate of Cercei and Jaime Lannister was a bit anti-climactic… but they had only 6 episodes to wrap up the stories they spent 7 seasons building.. .given the circumstances, I think “most” of the General decisions were as best as they could possibly be…

“And there’s no denying the *quality* of the show never diminished.
Every episode was masterful epic filmmaking.
Which is why all of these IMDB User Ratings of the final episode is soooo unfair.”

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