Mindreaper – Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)

This an album that opens really well. First track’s really a killer as it should be. Should be because there’s an unofficial rule that the best track of an album should be the first. You know, something like the first impression. Well, in this case it worked really fine. “Enigma” caused me a wild reaction. “Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)” promises to be a killer album full of strength and solid guitar work.

After hearing “Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)” for the first time – of course, I’ll listen to it again, maybe again -, the impression it passes is of a band which can combine various influences from the Metal world. “Against the Flood” has a strong taste of NWOBHM in terms of instrumentals. Almost a swing. Vocals are almos melodic. Great tune. Again, guitars are winning the day. “Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)” is worthy listen only for them. Of course, if you like guitar solos and guitar everything. Well, there are some newcomers that don’t. I don’t know, in my mind, a Metal fan who doesn’t love guitar solos is like a black metaller who doesn’t hail Satan. Hold your horses! Just kidding!

Sebastian Rehbein’s vocals are also impressive. Very few extreme metal vocalists do what he does with his voice. He’s pretty versatile. Listen to “Story of Rejection” and check it out. Sweet tune, by the way. Mindreaper prove that extreme metal bands can write sweet tunes as well with the same intensity. It’s a win-win situation. A chance to prove a band’s value because it adds more intensity. Let’s not forget the most forgetfull figure in a metal band: the bassist. Christian Schoenke does a pretty good job doubling guitar lines and supporting the beat and heavyness. Check “Bull’s Eye” out and pay attention to the doubling lines with the bass drums. Awesome. In fact, it takes a lot of skills to do that.

Mindreaper are an intense band. The kind you don’t mind spending the day listening to it. “Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)” has sticky songs in death metal way. The way we like it.

Mindreaper “Mirror Construction (… a disordered World)” was realesed on June 08th via Black Sunset / MDD Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Enigma
  2. Bull’s Eye
  3. Mirror Artifacts
  4. Stillborn God
  5. Purity of Wrath
  6. Passage to Extinction
  7. Against the Flood
  8. New Age Tyranny
  9. Story of Rejection
  10. Torch’s Fall

Watch “Mirror Artfacts” official lyric video here: