Ministry – Moral Hygiene Review

There are bands to adore; there are bands to love; there are bands to avoid, and there are bands to respect. Some bands are to be adored and loved and respected. Others are to be avoided. Ministry are a band to be respected by their long time career and by their contribution to Metal music however it was. But I don’t really like the monster they helped shapping in the early 1990s which has turned into the cores and industrial Metal whatsoever. In fact, I have more to regret about the band than to love. One thing that catches me is the sound of the guitars. They’re big and grand and thick but the electronic effects are too much for me. Back then in the 1990s I guess what they did was somewhat valid thinking on removing barriers and pushing boundaries. However the outcome was kind of undesired. Not for them I guess, but for me.

“Moral Hygiene” is the first Ministry’s full length that I listen to. I saw some videos, heard some songs on the radio, nothing else. No album at all. They’re not the kind of band that I would happily spend my loved dollars with. I don’t mean to say that it was a pleasure cruise to listen to “Moral Hygiene” but it certainly wasn’t that hell. As I said I do appreciate some features Ministry helped creating and giving shape. The contrasts the band work with are the thing that catches my eye. And, of course, their dignity and character. Their sick and twisted image and attitude are the real deal. They stick to that after all those years. After all it’s been a long since their debut album that changed Metal music forever and the band is still sticked to their personality. I respect that.

I guess the first Ministry’s song I heard was 1992’s “Jesus Built My Hotrod” and I got by the guts by the mesmerizing guitars and the insane vocals. “Moral Hygiene” is far from it, but it’s consistent with the music the band has been doing along the years. Guitars are still thick and grand with that big sound and tone, vocals are still insane and the attitude is just the same: defying, daring, and insane. “Alert Level,” though some electronic effects, is a perfect tune for a Ministry fan. And I must add not only. The song is strong and would work perfectly in an arena to where I guess it was especially wrote. Tobe perfectly frank maybe all of them. But hell! I miss the guitar solos. An insane solo guitarist would burn the album in hellish flames. But as the French say “Ces’t la vie” and I get used to it. Let’s get ready! as the song says repeatedly and constantly.

Ministry “Moral Hygiene” will be released on October 01st via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Alert Level
  2. Good Trouble
  3. Sabotage Is Sex
  4. Disinformation
  5. Search and Destroy
  6. Believe Me
  7. Broken System
  8. We Shall Resist
  9. Death Toll
  10. TV Song #6 (Right Around The Corner Mix)

Watch “Good Trouble” official lyric video here: