MISANTROPHIA Unleash Lyrics Video For New Single ‘Cry Me A River’

MISANTROPHIA is a metalcore band born in 2015 in the province of Brescia, Italy. The band is formed by Matteo “Enne” Truppa on vocals, Matteo “TK” Turla on guitars and synth, Ruben Magri on drums and Paolo Zamboni on bass.

After an album and two nu-metal/rapcore demos with lyrics in Italian, in 2020 the band decided to change genre by offering metalcore songs sung in English.

MISANTROPHIA release their new single “Cry Me A River“. Check out the lyrics video for the single below!

The song was mixed and mastered by Davide Aroldi and is now available on all major digital streaming platforms.

Enne, frontman of the band, declares: “Cry Me a River was born in a difficult moment for everyone, where the feeling of revenge is king in those who like us have the fire inside. It does not clearly refer to the pandemic, it would have been too obvious, it is based precisely on the desire to win, on the need we have to prevail over what has held us down for more than a year, on the desire to bring our strength beyond every obstacle thanks to music. The anger of the second, the voice of the last, to make it sound loud and clear. With this track, I expect to convey all this to those who listen to us and to throw out everything I’ve always had inside: the desire to prevail, without forgetting who I am and where I come from. I have a somewhat peculiar way of writing, each of my text seems to be dedicated to a person, or the narration of a situation, of an event that has happened. The truth is that in order to express the concepts I identify myself in a particular metaphorical scenario, or I write as if it were dedicated to someone existing. Just think of the concept of anger, revenge: I find it more direct and concrete to express it as if it were directed at a person, rather than fictionalizing a text. I do metal and I want to arrive with all my frankness, otherwise, I would have written poetry.

TK, the guitarist, adds: “It’s the beginning of a new era for MISANTROPHIA, we decided to start practically from scratch because we no longer felt represented by the genre proposed until now. We are very happy with the new material produced because for us it represents our new, more modern and aggressive nature.”