Misotheist – Misotheist

In Modern Metal bands pain and despair come in wide array of paces and tempos. Misotheist in this self-titled album took that to another level. There are only three mindblowing slow-paced tracks full of despair, anger, solitude, and wraith. They are all within the ten-minute average which to regular standards are considered long, but not to Doom Metal, in which those time standards are completely ignored. When it comes to Blackened Doom, the rules are ignored twice.

Misotheist is an album of a slow chaos. Musicwise, “Misotheist” was built to represent a  musical chaos with bold harmonic structures full of dissonances and a desperate and wild vocal. “Misotheist” tries to avoid too melodic solutions on its tracks, unless the claims of it urge to be absolutely needed breaking the expectance of the listener. “Misotheist” is an unmelodic album, and it feels good to be that way. Those three tracks are a lesson of how to use dissonances and unmelodic structures to even make some music that is worth listening.

“Carriers of Captivity” kicks off almost regular, with some really pleasant sound effects, but all of a sudden the heart of the song changes to be a Misotheist heart, which means all the aforementioned plus a shady dark vocal able to give you the shrivers in  each note he sings.  It’s not easy to understand a track like “Carriers of Captivity” due to its dense vibe and chaotic musical structure. Instruments seem to be in a fight where no one can win due to confusion they are in. About ten minutes of pure disillusion. Yeah, I forgot “Misotheist” is about disillusion as well. Next track “Beast and Soil” starts with a nice renaissance acoustic guitars which takes some moments of the song to again have the Misotheist change of heart. “Beast and Soil” is even darker than “Carriers of Captivity,” but that’s where melody finds a way to show up in some guitar passages. Last track “Blood of Rats” goes straight ahead to what Misotheist do best. It’s, however, a bit faster than its predecessors. But there are no rodeos, no nothing, just the poor disillusion and lack of hope. As life itself.

Misotheist “Misotheist” was released on November 30th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Carriers of Captivity
  2. Beast and Soil
  3. Blood of Rats