MNRVA Are On ‘Black Sky’

Step into the halls of doom, and let the trio of MNRVA be your guide. Their speech is cavernous yet a little fuzzy, and their steps plod at a lumbering pace.

After forming in 2018, MNRVA quickly set about laying down tracks of their stoner/doom/sludge blend. The mixture never settles; instead, it is constantly stirred by molasses-thick bass, the grinding guitar à la Melvins, and a wide variety of vocals handled ably by Byron Hawk and Kevin Jennings. The tar-thick production style is suited to the music; it was recorded at The Jam Room Recording Studio, which has recorded (relatively) local heavyweights such as Baroness, Black Tusk, and Kylesa.

While there may be any number of bands peddling this style of music, few manage it so convincingly on their first round as MNRVA do. The vocals are definitely a highlight on this brief release – from the clean wails on “Black Sky” to the bellows on “Not The One,” every style sounds forceful atop the first-class musicianship. It’s clearly not the band’s first rodeo (they also play together in Iron Fist), and that shows in their interaction and songwriting.

The torch blows out; the EP finishes shortly and unexpectedly. Now good luck finding your way out of the halls – you’ll have to take it for another spin to be able to escape.


Byron Hawk (g/v)
Kevin Jennings (b/v)
Gina Ercolini (d)

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