Mofo – Empire of Self-Regard

Wanna an album to make your head bang fiercefully? If so, Mofo “Empire Of Self-Regard” is the right choice. Mofo are really sticked to their intent of a powerful and furious old school thrash metal. “Empire Of Self-Regard” is an eighteen-minute piece of ever lasting banging. Mofo’s vocals are a true representative of the machine gun singing, if you know what I mean. If not, listen to “We Are Metal” and get acquainted to it.

It’s really difficult to stay put listening to Mofo due to its sick and twisted riffing. I can even see the moshpits forming down in the audience. But the most furious one I guess is “Black Squad,” which invites you and the guys to mosh at will. Not to mention the cool bridge to the guitar solo. Due to that, it’s no doubt that Mofo are a band of moshpits. It’s not easy to find a thrash band with all that enthusiasm and energy that Mofo “Empire Of Self-Regard” feature enough as a powerhouse.

It’s such a pitty that “Empire Of Self-Regard” is an EP with only five tracks. Let’s wait anxiously for some more in a full-length. Even so, “Empire Of Self-Regard” is a good snack. But the best about “Empire Of Self-Regard” is that it features a band in progression. We feel that Mofo are improving faster. I wish I had wrote “Mountain Of Origin’s” riffs. Truely. Pure energy and fun. Oh, how I envy you guys…

The most amazing thing about Mofo is that we can feel how cohesive the band is. The songwriting in “Empire Of Self-Regard” is very mature, it’s no wonder that things work so naturally.

Track Listing:

  1. Mount Of Origin
  2. Tartarus
  3. Eternal Stealing Of Souls
  4. Black Squad
  5. We Are Metal

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