Molasses – Mourning Haze Drops of Sunlight

Ah, the 1970s and its great and big sounds. The sounds of the 1970s were so great that almost fifty years later there are still fans that miss them so much. That what it is possible to notice by efforts like this Molasses with “Mourning Haze Drops of Sunlight” with the flavor of early Uriah Heep and Scorpions and art rock bands as Yes. But the most outstanding sound that keeps on mind is the amazine tunes of the electric piano and the good vocal melodies.

In fact, second – and last – track “Drops of Sunlight” reminds a lot Scorpions first efforts as “Fly to the Rainbow” or “In Trance” with some etherial and atmospheric moods so dear to the 1970s. Many of you may not know, but Scorpions had a psychedelic era before the blazing “Blackout.” “Drops of Sunlight” drinks profusely on those waters of dreaming and flying atmospheres, but there is embedded a hidden guitar with a slight, but still strong guitar. As it was in that time.

It’s remarkable how a band can pass all its philosophy and ideas in only two songs of barely fifteen minutes. Molasses were able to. In general I don’t review efforts with less than three tracks just because it is impossible to get an idea of the band. I said, in general. There are honorable exceptions to the rule and Molasses are one. What we hear in “Mourning Haze Drops of Sunlight” is a very well-built band with strong ideas of what they do. Funny thing is that this kind of music was at that time a kind of bridge to heavier music as the bands aforementioned did. Pityfully, this gentle and slight sonance was soon forgot. But Molasses couldn’t let the world survive without giving it a try again.

Musically, “Mourning Haze” and “Drops of Sunlight” are pieces of a building under construction. If you add heavier guitars and rumbling basses will have more or less what many Metal bands do now. That’s what happened back then; bands started to heavy their sound doing it. But Molasses were able to rebuild flawlessly the sonance with the electric piano and the choirs with some wah-guitars. They haven’t forgotten a small piece of the building. Great work.

Ah, pay attention to the delicacy of the name of the EP in a pum with the EP name. Ah, the seventies.

MolassesMourning Haze Drops of Sunlight” was released on April 12th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Mourning Haze
  2. Drops of Sunlight

Watch the full EP here: