Molis Sepulcrum – Left for the Worms Review

Each day, day after day, I get more excited and impressed on what’s going on about Metal music. There is so much to discover and explore, so much to understand and enjoy. Metal music isn’t that simple and behind the raw and plain there are layers and layers of polishment and excitement. At first, Molis Sepulcrum with “Left for the Worms” sound to be raw and plain. Well, to many this would only be a blessing. I aggree. But Molis Sepulcrum have too much more to offer. So much for the time a Raw Death Metal band could be simple and plain. Not any more, my dear child of the night. Behind the tons of distortion and low tunes there is a bright and shining instrumental – bright and shine? Just a matter of speaking.

At first, the fan may have the impression by the name of the band by the album tittle that here we have a Doom Metal band. However, with the initial seconds of opening and tittle track “Left for the Worms” this impression goes away. You are listening to a pure Raw Death Metal band distilling all the sour and acid and corrosive music ever. The kind of acid that corrodes bones and all. Molis Sepulcrum never play at service and the album goes in the hardest Death Metal way.

“Left for the Worms” sounds too 1980s to be true. The growling and howling vocals are the first thing that sparks the interest of the fan. Note that it’s not the usual we see everyday in Metal Music. It’s deeper. It’s angrier. It’s the sound of the rebellion Metal Music stands for. What Molis Sepulcrum do here has deep roots on Hardcore music exactly as pioneer Extreme Metal bands were in the 1980s. The low tuned guitars, the tons of distortion and the drumming near the speed of light are also features that remind a lot as well. An insane and flamming combination. Pay attention that breakdowns were a casual thing and not an invention of the cores bands. This idea couldn’t be more wrong. I just love the bursting way guitar solos are introduced to the songs. The way the guitar bursts and explodes into the music. Exactly when no one is expecting to have a guitar solo here it comes. That’s an art.

The way the songs are performed makes them a bit linear, but who cares? The interesting thing here is exactly the rebellion and anger a song can pass to the fan. And the five of them do it pretty well. “Left for the Worms” has around twenty minutes of pure non-stop rage and disgust. The kind of rage and disgust that only an Extreme Metal band can do for you. Long live the load!

Molis Sepulcrum “Left for the Worms” will be released on July 16th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Prey
  2. Impaled by Fear
  3. The First Insection
  4. The Agony of Decease
  5. Ready for Dissection
  6. Left for the Worms

Watch “The First Insection” official video here: