MOLIS SEPULCRUM Were ‘Left for the Worms’

Hungary’s new hideous deathbeasts MOLIS SEPULCRUM, featuring members from Gravecrusher and Mörbid Carnage, unleash their debut MLP/MCD “Left For The Worms” – a sickening plunge into an extremely vicious bite of HM-2 drenched Death Metal.
Riff after riff of unclean worm-ridden Death Metal infestation, manifested in six tracks of vile primitive fashion for fans of Dismember, Grave, early Cannibal Corpse and Boss HM-2 Swedeath! “Left For The Worms” was recorded at Obsidian Studio and Voice-Beat Studio King. The cover artwork was created by Thai illustrator Sickness666 (Abigail, Impiety, Diephago, etc).

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