MOLOK Released ‘Skær’

For more than a decade, Molok have been lurking in the Danish black metal underground.

Throughout its existence, Molok has delivered uncompromising music disregarding both genre and style. Early on the lyrics were philosophical exploits into the horrors of political and existential totalitarianism, supported by an epistemic chaos in both aural and visual expression.

During live performances throughout Europe, Molok displayed a talent for provoking. In a play of identity and expression, challenging the viewer’s expectations of black metal aesthetics and behaviour, Molok quickly established itself as a band with no middle ground: you either dominate the narrative by hating Molok or you reconcile yourself with your confusion.

Later, Molok’s attention turned to the existential and social realities of the everyday horrors of life, using its compositional experiments to provide a soundtrack to the tyranny of the mundane. Telling personal stories of depression, drug abuse, incest, and the dark alleys of modern life, Molok aim to remind their audience that there once was a time when metal was more than just playing music.

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