Moloken – Unveilance of Dark Matter

Moloken are a band that will please most extreme Metal fans due to its use of complex dissonances and agressive music constructions. “Unveilance of Dark Matter” shows a band that carefully build up their music texture and layers searching for the most shocking harmonic and melodic results. Regarding to what I’ve always thought of Extreme Metal Moloken are damn right. Extreme Metal is intended to shock as Heavy Metal is. The point is that “Unveilance of Dark Matter” doesn’t shock due to its heavyness and rapid tunes, it shocks due to the musical choices of Moloken as I said before. Here the intent is to attack the fans years with uncanny and unsual musical textures.

The eleven tracks in “Unveilance of Dark Matter” were purposefully build to give some estrangement to the fan. That’s exactly where Moloken posit their Extreme Metal features. Take “Shadowcastle” for instance. It gives a pretty good idea of it with its apparently disconnect gritty vocals which are a response to the riffs made. Vocals in Moloken are also supposed to be a part of the melodic construction following the mood the harmony goes. Following track “Hollow Caress” takes the fan to an akward and hopeless place full of despair and suffering. The track isn’t fast or instrumentally heavy, but the result of all the music combinatination gives the fan the creeps. Very few songs are capable of that. The odd, though well-placed, strumming in the middle reinforces the idea of living hell. Drumming contributes a lot to this construction. Vocals add some chaos feeling to it.

In some ways, “Unveilance of Dark Matter” may be considered Prog Metal, but I guess that’s not exactly what Moloken want to pass the fan. The sonic weird layers are here to show the living hell we are in; the chaos humankind has built throughtout the centuries with its careless choices. I guess this analysis is more adequate to what we hear. “Lingering Demise” proves me right in a way following “Hollow Caress” steps but even slower and darker. The eerie vocals fill in the charts. Ah, pay close attention to the themes Moloken present here. The idea I get is that “Unveilance of Dark Matter” is also about love, but that not corresponded love that holds deep grudges. I don’t know, it’s only what I felt.

Moloken “Unveilance of Dark Matter” will be released on January 31st via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. This Love Is a Curse
  2. Surcease
  3. Shadowcastle
  4. No Easy No Rest
  5. Hollow Caress
  6. Venom Love
  7. Repressed
  8. Lingering Demise
  9. Unbearable
  10. I Still Can’t Hear You
  11. Unveilance of Dark Matter

Watch “Unbearable” official lyric video here: