Monolith Moon – Leylines

CAPA_MM_LEYLINES Just looking at this album I think we all know that Monolith Moon’s “Leylines” isn’t your every day album. This entire album is 100% progressive metal in every sense of the term, and although this is not the heaviest progressive metal has been (by far) it definitely has a nice sound to it that really matches that out of this world (literally) cover art. What’s really interesting for Monolith Moon is that the vocals are done by a woman, and that always manages to make the music just feel smoother unless it’s a form of extreme metal but this band is far from that territory. That statement is even better with the fact that there are a very nice set of keyboards displayed throughout the EP, and mixed with the guitars and drums that change between rock and metal, it creates a very interesting sound that actually feels atmospheric and a little like it belongs in space. Overall, this band could most certainly use some fine tuning before they get a more attracting sound that can really impress someone like me. But for now, “Leylines” is a nice start by any standard.

You can stream the opening track, “Degeneration”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Degeneration
  2. Stages of Mind Catabolism
  3. Moonlit I. Siletium Universi
  4. Moonlit II. Fermi-Hart Recalculated