Monolith ZA – Lord Conspirator

It’s been some time all the barriers between Metal subgenres have in practical manners fallen. Subgenres as Death Metal which had a strong pinnacle as the speed of light playing got slower, so much slower that it may be mistaken at times by Doom Metal. What about the addition of generous doses of melody? Unthinkable in the late 1980s and early 1990s – before 1993’s Carcass “Heartwork,” of course. From where I’m standing this is great to Metal music, though some hardcore fans may disagree, because Metal has stood tall all those years due to this plastic resistence. The term Death Metal has umbrellaed so many features and variations that maybe, I said maybe, the only thing that gathers all the bands together is the death growls.

And here we have Monolith ZA with “Lord Conspirator” which fit perfectly in the description above. There is no fast track in it, and when I say fast, I say a track that keeps the fast tempo all, or most of, the time. Of course, tracks have faster moments, but as I said, they are moments. No particular problem with that. Monolith ZA hold their position by the gruff, scabrous and asperous vocals which vary a little throughout the album. However, jump to the eyes the neat and very well built instrumentals with a great and dynamic guitar work. And I have to say that this is a constant feature in modern Death Metal acts contrasting to some bands in the early days. Again I have to say that it’s really not easy to play Death Metal these days. The variety of guitar techniques and features the guitar duo Christopher Paterson and Andrew Viviers try is amazing. That option enlarges and enriches a lot the music they play in a way that “Lord Conspirator” proves it all the time during the eight tracks it contains.

Due to the way Monolith ZA opted to build up their songs, it is very difficult to stand only one out. And, of course as usual, I’d rather not make any relation with the name of the band, so I’ll avoid willingly, and happily, the term monolithic. In part because I can’t really tell that is “Lord Conspirator” a monolithic album. The cadence and tempo are in some sort, but not the songs. There are lots of instrumental variations. I’d rather emphasize the constant search for creative instrumental solutions to their songs; the way the band deals with the need of solving the tension each instrumental path creates because the decision of not varying the tempo and cadence obligates a band to create other solutions. Therefore, I have to say that Monolith ZA and “Lord Conspirator” were very successful in that task.

Monolith ZA “Lord Conspirator” will be relased on April 28th via MMD Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Lord Conspirator
  2. The Descent
  3. The Abyss
  4. Nightfall
  5. Black Earth’s Gate
  6. The Perilous Edge
  7. The Profound Wells of Fire
  8. Saturn

Watch “Black Earth’s Gate” single premiere video here: