MONSTRATH Releases Cover, Tracklist And Teaser For ‘The World Serves To Evil’

MONSTRATH‘s long-awaited debut album, titled “The World Serves To Evil,” is gaining more shape with each passing day.

The brazilians, in partnership with the Swedish label Downfall Records, recently released the cover, tracklist and release date of this upcoming material in a teaser containing excerpt from all tracks of it. Check it out below.


1. Demon Sold
2. Incubus In Church
3. Hellkhan
4. Child Of God
5. Malum Suscitat
6. Stygian
7. Crushed Faith
8. Chains Of The Soul
9. Bag Of Bones
10. Perishing in Christ

“The World Serves To Evil” was recorded at Loud Factory and also at the Audiolab Vintage Studio in São Paulo, Brazil. Produced in its totality by Tchelo Martins, who also worked in the mixing and mastering alongside Tiago Assolini and Wagner Meirinho (Loud Factory). Its cover was in charge of the artist Marcos Schmidt, while its world-wide launch is predicted for 10/19/2018 by the seal mentioned above.

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