Montreal’s THRASH LA REINE Streaming ‘Du Sang Sur Les Plaines’ Off Upcoming EP

Photo Credit: Dani Rod Photography

In anticipation of their second EP La Foi, La Loi, La Croix ready for the world on May 31, 2019, Montreal’s THRASH LA REINE is releasing their single “Du Sang Sur Les Plaines.”

Not taking themselves too seriously, they describe themselves as Francophone satirical epic thrash, but ultimately let the audience decide where they fit in in the metal scene. Focusing on telling a story with each track and paying close attention to the song structure and how the listener will be escorted through each thrasher. Exclusively in French and following their 2017 EP Le Metal Est Notre Langue, the band opens up about their sound on their 2019 follow up La Foi, La Loi, La Croix:

“We’re not reinventing anything, but at the same time, we think we’re offering something that sounds new and refreshing. The EP has a good variety of songs. Some songs are faster, some are more mid-tempo. Overall, we have really fast and quick songs and also more epic songs that are almost nine minutes long.”

With obvious musical influences from the likes of METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN and ICED EARTH, THRASH LA REINE take lyrical inspiration from current events and real life. In the case of this Maiden-esque single “Du Sang Sur Les Plaines” they explain:

“‘Du Sang Sur Les Plaines’ is a historical song (à la Maiden) about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City during 1759 and is structured in a narrative way. We are proud to share an interesting part of our heritage in this song.”

“Du Sang Sur Les Plaines” is streaming below.

Track Listing:
1. Pourchasser Le Dragon (4:45)
2. Thrash La Reine (2:14)
3. Le Rédempteur (4:11)
4. La Peur du Lendemain (3:43)
5. Garde La Foi (4:46)
6. Du Sang Sur Les Plaines (8:43)