Moon Destroys – Maiden Voyage

Here is one album that doesn’t deliver what it promised in the intro. It’s not that the fan won’t be pleased with the music Moon Destroys deliver in “Maiden Voyage,” in fact it is pretty good and defying. It’s just to make a point that the mood in the intro “At The End of Time” is completely different from the mood in this entire EP. Yeah, another EP and shorter than the last one we covered. It’s that I don’t like EPs, the problem is that sometimes there aren’t emough tracks to pass a judgement about the band and its music. Mostly, for my own’s sake, it’s possible as in this Moon Destroys – hum, what an uncanny name for a band – with “Maiden Voyage.”

“At The End of Time” begins with a frentic and adrenalized of what the fan should notice as a Power Metal track. All the elements were there, but suddenly and surprisingly following track “Blue Giant” shows a band with one foot in Modern Metal and other foot in a kind of Prog Metal as Queensrÿch used to do in “The Warning” era. Despite the bad word Modern metal, the music the fan finds in “Maiden Voyage” is pleasant and full of surprises, though much denser than its peers. Guitars are heavy and thick giving the fan the good and old full and surrounding sound effect. Not only that, the phrases and riffs are creative and escape from the common ground most bands of the subgenre fall. It is also noteworthy that bass lines with a heavy distortion effect that gives more heavyness to the music.

There are in fact only two complete tracks in “Maiden Voyage” which are “Blue Giant” and “Stormbringer.” The change of hearts within this album does make a point here. The thing is that the band is so concise and centered that only them made this review possible. It’s so great to review a band that really knows what they’re looking for. Moon Destroys do a great here with this invitation card. Let’s expect a full-length now.

Moon Destroys “Maiden Voyage” will be released on March 27th via Brutal Panda Records.

Track Listing:

  1. At the End of Time
  2. Blue Giant
  3. The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
  4. Stormbringer
  5. The Edge of Forever

Watch “Blue Giant” featuring Mastodon’s Troy Sanders official music video here: