Moon – Maybe We’ll Come Back

There are various subgenres of hard rock and metal music that seem to disappear over the years. Traditional heavy metal, thrash metal, grunge, and many others have all seen their time in the sun fade away over the years.

While many of these genres still exist, they are in a much shorter form that they once were. One genre that never saw much commercial success or fanfare was space rock. The subgenre space rock describes progressive rock  with a “cosmic sound.” The pioneers of the movement were Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, and UFO. Space rock faded away in the late-1970s and never again peaked interest in the public. One band hopes to change that with their debut album.

Moon hail from Serbia and have survived long enough to put out their debut album, Maybe We’ll Come Back. The trio is an instrumental group with a focus on guitar-driven music. The instrumental music works off of the listener’s imagination who can interpret the music in their own unique way.

Maybe We’ll Come Back opens with the creatively titled “Take Off.” The song is light in nature and has a doom rock/doom metal feel to it midway through. “Mission,” the following track, is another slow dramatic piece that has some great solos. The best song, in my opinion, has to be “Homecoming.” It is a neat rhythmic journey that reminds me of Rush. The dramatic composition “Lux Aeterna” is covered here in space rock form and sounds brilliant. “Voyager 1” closes out the album with some impressive work from the whole band. This closing track is probably the most impressive on the record.

Through and through, Moondebut album is solid and is a good introduction to the world of instrumental rock. Maybe We’ll Come Back‘s title could be a foreshadowing for bigger things to come from the space rock genre. Maybe they will come back to a scene that has been largely vacant for several decades.

Maybe We’ll Come Back was independently released on June 11, 2018.


  1. Take Off
  2. Mission
  3. Discovery
  4. Homecoming
  5. Lux Aeterna
  6. Escape
  7. Voyager 1