Second chapter in their fast rising career, the follow-up to their acclaimed 2019 debut ‘De Rerum Natura,’ Moonlight Haze‘s ‘Lunaris’ consists of eleven tracks that will bring you through a timeless journey far away, enough to get trapped between frantic grooves, powerful lyrics and addictive melodies.
The band kept up experimenting with electronic samples, folk music and even more unpredictable sonic elements; a deeper musical research and a thoughtful inner exploration for a silvery dream, deep in the haze of the moonlight.
The album’s lyrics are very introspective yet confident and positive, even though they deal with tough themes sometimes, investigating the deepest abyss of our conscience and the complexity of human relationships. In addition, legends and tales from different traditions and cultures will fascinate your imagination and give you some time to think quietly over life and nature.
Led by the former Temperance frontwoman, the stunning Chiara Tricarico, Moonlight Haze are a more than welcomed breath of fresh air in the symphonic-power metal scene.

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