Moonlight Haze – De Rerum Natura

I guess that one of the most difficult things in writing reviews is finding what a band from a very common ground has that stands them out of the crowd. Symphonic Metal has a very strong basis, and of course, this basis is followed by hundreds of bands. There are times the band make this task worse; there are times the band makes it even better. For our sakes, Moonlight Haze with “De Rerum Natura” is the second tipe. It’s true that “De Rerum Natura” is a typical sample of what Symphonic Metal has to offer. The thing is that Moonlight Haze offer much more with their bricolage of Symphonic Metal, old school Heavy Metal, Power Metal, some electronic effects, and even some latin rhythms as in “Dark Corners Of Myself.” Maybe this mix is rather common to the ears of whom is looking for the next Metal band that will change the world, though we’re living in the real world not in Wonderland. Bands are what they are, and we like the way they are. But, though, from where I’m standing yet Moonlight Haze are also very effective with their formula.

If we give Moonlight Haze a try with our open ears with no great expectations, songs will come easily and will make you some go through some fun. Opening track “To the Moon and Back” is a good sample of it. It goes right straight ahead the way you’ve imagined, but it is still delicious. I guess the best way to excplain the effect of “De Rerum Natura” on us is that it doesn’t matter what one plays, but how one plays. I guess it explains better. “De Rerum Natura” won’t change the world of Metal music, although it will give us lots of fun. Yes, it will. Moonlight Haze found their way of contributing to the growth of Heavy Metal.

Moonlight Haze “De Rerum Natura” was released on June 21st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. To the Moon and Back
  2. Ad Astra
  3. Edi et Arno
  4. The Butterfly Effect
  5. Time
  6. Dark Corners of Myself
  7. A Restless Mind
  8. Deceiver
  9. A Shelter from the Storm
  10. Goddess

Watch “Ad Astra” official video here: