MOONSHADE Announce New Album ‘As We Set The Skies Ablaze’ Due Out In July

After releasing the singles “Epitaph” and “Blood Of The Titans“, the band is independently releasing their second album, titled As We Set The Skies Ablaze. The album is to be released in the July 22nd, 2022. Three more singles are to be expected before release date: Everlasting Horizons ( w/ playthrough video, June 3rd), Artemis (June 24th), and Valley Of Dying Stars (w/ music video, July 14th).

Session drums were performed by Diogo Mota.  Artemis and A Treatise Of Human Nature feature lead vocals by Sandra Oliveira (Blame Zeus, Perennial Dawn), who also contributed with back vocals in Valley Of Dying Stars and Everlasting Horizons. The Antagonist features lead vocals by Sofia Beco (Phase Transition).  

Mixed and mastered by Afonso Aguiar from Titanforged Productions.

The band states about upcoming album:

“We are the sons of he who brought us the light of fire – heirs of the great titan aspiring to godhood. To be human is to know, to love, to hate, to grow, to create, and to destroy.

As a species, we began by worshipping Nature, in order to ravage it in the next breath, endangering the delicate balance of this beautiful Earth, as well as our existence on it. We then imagined new gods and have slowly started to deny them, as omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience become closer to our collective grasp. On the way, we created autocrats to overthrow them, and increased the odds of world peace via the looming threat of nuclear winter.

Thus, this great turmoil of the technological and cultural evolution of civilizations created the greatest story ever told – the story of Man.  

As We Set The Skies Ablaze is a phylosophical analysis concerning this great adventure of being human, poetically approaching all its wonders, horrors, and the greatest challenges we must face in order to become the only Gods that ever really existed.   
Join us.  
You are expected.”

Album Tracklisting:

1. Epitaph 
2. Valley Of Dying Stars 
3. Blood Of The Titans 
4. The Shadows Of My Dissent 
5. Artemis 
6. The Antagonist 
7. As We Set The Skies Ablaze 
8. Everlasting Horizons 
9. A Treatise Of Human Nature