MORK To Release ‘Pesta’ EP On Black Friday


Following on from 2019’s Det Svarte Juv comes a special release on Black Friday from highly regarded Norwegian outfit, MORK. Pesta (plague) is the band’s new 4 track EP, its lead track composed as a reflection of the mood of current times, as well as drawing inspiration from the art and music world, with the main motivation to record the track stemming from a visit to locations portrayed in the works of celebrated Norwegian artist, Theodor Kittelsen.

Mainman Thomas Eriksen explains the origins of Pesta: “The Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914) has been an important part of Norwegian Black Metal since the early 90’s. Kittelsen‘s artwork has a haunting, eerie and mysterious effect. Most noteworthy is his work in the book Svartedauden (‘The Black Plague’) which was originally published in 1900.

“During a summer trip I passed through the valley where Kittelsen resided, and visited the farm, Lauvlia,” Eriksen continued. “While there I found out that a couple of the drawings in Svartedauden are based on actual places. The Kittelsen drawings ‘Pesta i trappa’ and ‘Musstad’ are based on a particular house on a different farm, where the artist lived for a while. A good friend of mine said that I should create a song to go along with the pictures, so it all fit nicely with the current Covid-19 situation, so I wrote a song about the Black Plague called ‘Pesta.’

Pesta track listing:

01. Pesta
02. Valen
03. En Sti Inn I Remmendalen (Live)
04. I Hornenes Bilde (Live)

You can pre order Pesta here.

Mork Pesta