MORS PRINCIPIUM EST Launches Fundraising Campaign To Help Them Fund North American Tour


Finnish melodic death metallers MORS PRINCIPIUM EST have started a fundrasing campaign to support them during their upcoming tour in North America, starting on September 29 with CARACH ANGREN And WOLFHEART.

Band stated: “Our North America tour turned out to be even more expensive than we anticipated. For example, our visas cost us $5000 USD, flights around $4000 USD and with all the other expenses that go along with touring for a month, it’s going to be an expensive venture for the band.

“That being said, we feel it is the right time to take a chance on a North American tour and we’re beyond excited to finally make it a reality and play to our fans in USA/Canada.

“I hope you know we wouldn’t ask this of you unless we really needed your help. We know you shouldn’t have to pay to help your favourite bands pay to tour, but sadly this is the music industry and the way it is these days 🙁

“Anything you can donate to our cause will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping us to continue touring in the future!”

You can check out fundraising campaign at this location.