Mors Principiun Est – Seven Review

Melodic Death Metal is the subgenre of Metal that strikes me the most nowadays. I confess that I have a thing for it and reviewing a band that plays this isn’t fair to other bands for I’ll like it anyway. Yeah, that’s it. Taste is taste. I know that for many it is more of the same for the many bands that play it, but still, it’s one of my favorites. To put it in the right terms I just love the constrats of the Classic Metal guitar and the vocals. They just fit perfectly. Death Metal bands speak with the soul, my child of the night. A pretty good way of putting it.

“Seven” is an album that shows all the tricks Melodic Death metal bands do. Bad news? No, it isn’t. Mors Principiun Est added more melody and sweet textures to the their music, and of course, for that, more contrasts the thing I like the most. In the album, Mors Principiun Est a little, very little, Symphonic Metal, but only in fews song with very prominent keyboards as “A Day for Redemption.” But it’s possible to hear the keyboards in the background in many songs of “Seven.” To be really fair with the band and Melodic Death Metal, the music is much more complex than Classic Metal. Melodic Death Metal bands have to play really well to impress their crowd. Guitar licks here are absolutely fantastic, if you ask me. The Sweden Death Metal wave is very represented here by Mors Principiun Est.

Well, listening to “Seven” isn’t only for the ones that love Melodic Death Metal as I do. It’s an experience that pays off. Mors Principiun Est are a very competent band that play with the heart and the soul. I wouldn’t ask less than that from a Metal band. Heart and soul technical competence are killer combinations, if you ask me, my child of the night.

Mors Principiun Est “Seven” was released on October 23rd via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A Day for Redemption
  2. Lost in a Starless Aeon
  3. In Frozen Fields
  4. March to War
  5. Rebirth
  6. Reverence
  7. Master of the Dead
  8. The Everlong Night
  9. At the Shoes of Silver Sand
  10. My Home My Grave

Watch “A Day for Redemption” official video here: