Mors Principum Est – Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity Review

Has my dear fan ever had the feeling to have met a band before? The feeling that you have heard the band and know its name but can’t remember when or how? Yeah, that’s exactky it. The name Mors Principum Est and more importantly the music rings a bell but I can’t exactly remember where and how I think I know the band. Maybe it reminds my very first days writing reviews when I found out an incredible new world of Metal music. Or maybe it’s because the band plays an incredible Melodic Death Metal – my dear child of the night knows I just love it. Maybe…

Ok, then, “Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity” is literally kicked off by a drumming roll as fast as the speed of light. The drumming roll ignites the fire inside the album and burn all the expectations. To the good. The music here is a flamming sample of how Melodic Death Metal can at the same time be heavy, fast, gloomy, and exciting. Some Melodic Death Metal bands sometimes exagerate in the melodic features or even in the aggressive. It unbalances everything about the music. Some kinds of Metal music have to be balance otherwise things don’t work out well. Mors Principum Est manage to balance both. Sometimes more melody, sometimes more aggression. There are also subtle touches of Symphonic Metal as in “Pure” with a female clean vocal and some keyboards. By the way, the band really knows how to insert them into its music inorder to color the songs not to sugar them too much. Keyboards have to be extremely well balanced not to ruin the songs and sugar them too much. There is an exact measure. Moreover, there are also some subtle touches of Industrial Metal as in “The Animal Within.” But be cool about it, they don’t spoil the song.

An interesting feature about “Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity” is that lead vocals aren’t always gutural. They are sometimes gritty and harsh, but not exactly gutural. From where I’m standing that’s a big pro because I do value vocals. I like clean singing a lot and the ability of changing vocals throughout the album or even through the song.

Mors Principum Est “Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity” will be released on April 08th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Cleansing Rain
  2. Eternity’s Child
  3. The Unborn
  4. The Lust Called Knowledge
  5. Valley of Sacrifice, Part 1
  6. Finality
  7. Two Steps Away
  8. Inhumanity
  9. Pure
  10. The Animal Within
  11. Life in Black
  12. Fragile Flesh
  13. Valley of Sacrifice, Part 2

Watch “Valley of Sacrifice, Part 1” official video here: