MORS PRINCIPUM EST ‘Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity’

The Finnish melodic deather Mors Principium Est go back to future with their new album “Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity.” It will be released on April 8th via AFM Records. The first single “Valley of Sacrifice Part 1“ hits the stores on January 7th and gives a great foretaste of the new recorded heroic deeds of the Scandinavians.
The predecessor “Seven“ (2020) was recorded only by singer Ville Viljanen and the British songwriter Andy Gillion who played all instruments on the album. But Andy left the band after ten years in 2021. For “Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity“ singer Ville called the original guitar players and co-founders of Mors Principium Est Jori Haukio and Jarko Kokkoo, bass player Teemu Heinola rejoined the band as well. Together with the new drummer Marko Tommila the new old line-up radiates the power of a real band without compromises. To achieve this common purpose the guys took selected songs from the first three albums “Inhumanity“ (2003), “The Unborn“ (2005) und “Liberation = Termination“ (2007) plus the second demo “Valley of Sacrifice“ (2001) and recorded, mixed and mastered the material new.
Already the opener “Cleansing Rain“ clarifies the direction of the album. No drum computer, double riff power, no needless gimmicks, and no experiments. Mors Principium Est are in the scene for over 20 years and know exactly how to play melodic death metal matched with the typical Finnish melancholy. The catchy “The Unborn,” the fast “Finality,” the brutal hymn “Two Steps Away” or “Pure,” refined with female vocals, are more examples for first class song writing as well as the combination of progressive and yet memorable structures. Or to put it in other words: complex instrumental parts meet goose bumps melodies crowned by Villes harsh vocals.
The first single “Valley of Sacrifice Part 1“ brings out these trademarks very clearly. Thunderous double bass, catchy leads, orchestral nearly majestic arrangements and a voice that sounds as fresh and angry as in the beginning of the career of Mors Principium Est. The single is accompanied by an extensive video clip. The second single “The Lust Called Knowledge” will be released on February 25th.
“Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity“ was recorded by the band in the Ansa studios and Joris home studio. The mix was done by Thomas „Plec“ Johannsson (Mayhem, Sorcerer) in the Panic Room studio in Sweden. The presale of the album starts with the release of the first single on January 7th. It will be released as 2LP in yellow/black sunburst vinyl and as CD digipack.

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