Mortal Strike – For the Loud and the Aggressive

a3696880834_10  It is really the underground thrash metal bands that I almost always find put out some of the most impressive thrash metal I hear, and Mortal Strike only help keep that statement alive with their latest album “For the Loud and the Aggressive” being a great piece of thrash. Each track is of course very fast, and just everything about it is told perfectly through just the album title alone as this record is just that: loud, aggressive, and made for the people who are both of those. This is head-bang material, people. More than usual. Mortal Strike have really hit the nail on the head with this album and anyone who’s had the pleasure of hearing even but one track knows what I’m talking about. This is easily one of the better thrash albums that I’ve heard come out of 2014 and I’m sad that it’s taken me this long to hear this album because this is genius to put it plainly. “For the Loud and the Aggressive” has a great pace in all 11 tracks with the last even being a very, very nice cover of Tankard’s song “Zombie Attack”, and I have to say that Mortal Strike pulls it off excellently. Everything about this album is pure thrash metal and that makes it perfect for these guys being such a small band with plenty of talent to go around that I can safely say that when the next album comes out whenever that’ll be it will be even more f**king awesome than this. If you are any sort of fan of thrash, then you cannot go wrong with Mortal Strike as they know exactly what they’re doing, the sound people want to hear, and they know how to do it magnificently.

You can purchase “For the Loud and the Aggressive” via iTunes here, stream the title track via YouTube below, and stream the full album on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

1. For the loud and the Aggressive
2. Here Comes the Tank
3. Outburst of Fury
4. Against the Wall
5. Mg 42
6. Smash the Tyrants – Storm the Gates
7. Strike
8. One Against All
9. The Tides of War Arise #1
10. Unleash the Hounds of War #2
11. Zombie Attack (Tankard Cover)

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